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Custom Firmware/Software Development/Electronics Engineering Work (Hire Me)

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Page Written: 10 Jan 2017
Last Updated: 24 July 2018


Hi! My name is Gabriel Staples. I work in the embedded software and robotics industry.

Occasionally I take on side projects outside of my day job. For instance, I added custom 2.4GHz wireless control to the Cinemoves Powerslider at a time when off-the-shelf commercial solutions for wireless control of the Powerslider did not exist. This feature I provided enabled them to do special shots in the filming of Mission Impossible 5 and other Hollywood movies. 

I also built a fire drone for ABC's Battlebots show in 2016. 

Cinemoves Powerslider mounted on the side
of a Hollywood stunt car
If you’d like to hire me for custom work, begin by sending me an email. Make the subject line "Custom embedded work--name of project". Not sure if I can handle it? ASK! The worst I'll say is I don't have time, we're not a good fit, or it's out of my area of expertise. See below for details.

  Gabriel Staples
  Electric RC Aircraft Guy, LLC
  (Phone number available upon request by email)
   - If you are looking for free advice instead see here.

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Hire Me:

If you're looking for some custom firmware/embedded software development and electronics-related engineering work, you've come to the right place.

Bluetooth-enabled touch lamp.
I am a custom electronics and embedded systems software developer. I design and build custom digital circuits, write code, and use micro-controllers to meet your electronics needs.

If you are using an Arduino for your project, and want your engineers to be able to do the same, I am a perfect fit for the job, as this is my go-to tool of choice.

  • From building an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) “drone” (fire-shooting 10-lb hexacopter) that appeared on ABC’s BattleBots in 2016, and designing and producing a camera controller wireless interface board used in the filming of Mission Impossible 5 and other Hollywood movies, to writing my own quadcopter navigation/path planning algorithm from scratch (demo video 1 / demo video 2 / simulation), I have clearly and consistently demonstrated my passion and enthusiasm for solving tough engineering problems. 
  • My intense self-motivation is what sets me apart. I do not limit myself to just what I have been taught, I teach myself when necessary, then I use this knowledge to solve problems others can't. When you hire me, I share my knowledge with you and your engineers and work with you to make your life easier. When I don't know how to do something, I do extensive research, ask questions and figure it out.

Hollywood camera wireless control board
--helped film Mission Impossible 5 and
other Hollywood films, as well as the
2014 Emmy Awards.
  • If we're not a good fit, I'll say so. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back (details below). 
  • Career supported by a Master of Science degree and vast real-world expertise, with a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, graduating Summa Cum Laude from a top university.
  • 5 yrs. full-time R&D experience + 2.5 yrs. part-time, including 3 yrs. full-time UAV/UAS experience + 4.5 yrs. part-time.
  • In my day job I write embedded systems software for self-driving semi trucks at a top San Francisco-based company.
Other projects I have completed are listed below.

Fire drone I built, programmed, and flew
for ABC's BattleBots TV show in 2016.
If you’d like to hire me for custom work, begin by sending me an email to the address listed at top of this page. Make the subject line "Custom embedded work--name of project". Not sure if I can handle it? ASK! The worst I'll say is I don't have time, we're not a good fit, or it's out of my area of expertise.

Once you email me with a good description of what is the problem and what you'd like me to do about it, the first thing we'll need to do is set up a video or phone chat. I do this freelancing on the side, so it will have to be outside of normal US Pacific-time business hours, as my first paid obligations are to my primary employer. 

Once we establish if it's a good fit for both of us, I will give you a fixed-price or monthly-retainer fee proposal. If we agree on the proposal, I take on the project for the agreed-upon price. 

My work is guaranteed. If at any point in our first 30 days you decide that I am not meeting the standards described in my proposal, just request a refund and I'll send your money back.

Why me?
I have experience in a variety of disciplines. I am a keen engineer and an avid learner, always seeking to expand my horizons and take on the next challenge. Some of my past, present, and future experience is listed below.

Previous Custom Projects:
  • Quadcopter MATLAB flight controller with "lead point" vector field navigation algorithm and MATLAB GUI (video)
  • MATLAB GUI and radio control (RC) transmitter PPM output signal interpreter and plotter (video)
  • Piezo-electric high precision (0.01mm), closed-loop linear servo driver, including quadrature encoder decoding, with command-line interface (videos x 3)
  • Sensorless brushless RC motor rotations per minute (RPM) decoder/datalogger and command-line motor throttle control interface for laboratory bench top testing (photos & unedited demo videos)
  • Barometric pressure sensor altimeter data-logger
  • CineMoves Hollywood action camera wireless control board interface to 2.4GHz RC Rx (bench-top demo video from CineMoves); among other things, this board has been used to help film the red carpet portion of the 2014 Emmy Awards, as well as scenes from Mission Impossible 5
  • High speed PC to RC Radio C++ software API serial interface and microcontroller firmware for off-board unmanned vehicle control-algorithm development and testing
  • 60W speaker driver/amplifier and custom siren sound generation (info & videos)

Current Projects In-Work:
  • TBD: possibly custom embedded work to add telemetry and "smarts" to an electric skateboard.

Other Projects:
  • Ultra efficient high precision ultrasonic ping sensor library for Arduino
  • Altitude hold and flip mode for Buzz the BattleBot
  • 16-Ch RC Rx reader/multiplexer library for Arduino
  • Arduino robot car (miscellaneous custom algorithms)
  • High power (100A+ at 12~24V+) power meter and car battery saver
  • Atlas V wireless mesh network Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) distance telemetry parking aid (utilizing Arduino, Xbee radios, & Raspberry Pi)
  • Analog IR remote control (incl PCB design) and library for Arduino
  • Redesign of my MOSFET gate driver for my 60W siren in order to actively drive the gate voltage high and low--to minimize time in the ohmic region of the MOSFET, thereby reducing heating--instead of driving high and pulling low
  • Burchfield positioner-based rocket (space launch vehicle) tracking and filming system
  • "Computa Pranksta" USB prank device (to be sold on Amazon.com)
  • Bluetooth-enabled touch lamp circuit board educational and solder kit (including the PCB design) (prototype photos)
  • Economical multi-thermocouple driver/sensor board for inexpensive home, school, university, and laboratory use--will easily allow live thermocouple temperature measurements and datalogging
Note that if you want my services you need to convince me to put your project at the top of my list. Please contact me and let's discuss your needs.


Update History (newest on top):
- 20180724: updated status: not available for new projects (too busy)
- 20180202: added new intro., mentioned Cinemoves, & added Cinemoves Hollywood stunt car camera slider picture
- 20180126: minor change: added link to page for info on free help
- 20180121: major update: added new email address, changed "consulting" wording to be more in-line with what I really do: custom embedded firmware and microcontroller/electronics development work; added photos of Hollywood project and Battlebot; added a line about my day job: embedded software on self-driving semi trucks 
- 20170110: initial version

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  1. hello sir, i want to make 3 phase induction motor speed control (vector frequency drive)using arduino , can you help me about this project,

    1. Shoot me an email with a brief project description. Now may not be the best timing but we can discuss over email.

  2. @cdiane, for sure this is one of the less useful comments I've seen.

  3. yikes, I hope someone else caught this already, or I hope it's not too late.


    You should probably really be working on your llc right about now. You see, you're working in sf as an engineer. you probably don't really like managing people, and at around 10 years in, you've pretty much got the job on lock. you know what to do, now they're loading you up with as much as they can get out of you. you were raised to have a good work ethic, so of course, you'll do as much as they throw at you. the money is good. how can you possibly complain? what they're doing right now is burning you out. it's more cost effective for them to work you until you hate the job and then lay you off or fire you (if they can - or if you're a freelancer god save you) than to give you the raise in pay you deserve. If that means breaking you, they'll do it. They would sooner break you than pay you unemployment in california.

    The hr manager knows that no matter how incredibly talented you might be, there's another just like you in an entry level position right now that will work for half what you will for at least another 5 years. And it's their job to do that to 10 people this year. They'll save the company a million dollars for the year and justify the continuation of their job. It's difficult for people who were raised to see people as more than "human resources" to even consider that these sociopathic motivations are so commonplace, but within the system of capitalism, they are organically rewarded.

    I don't know too much about mormonism, just that you don't use any drugs -- which could really go either way right now, but definitely to one extreme whether having that option that would help or harm you -- but I believe the forbidden knowledge that resulted in our being cast from the garden was the idea that a person could own things and apply the laws of man to a thing already governed by the laws of nature.

    It wasn't that god just made the world a harsher place to live. It was that other people did. That they might take from the resources in gluttonous quantities if they could somehow justify that others have less. The industrial revolution introduced a whole new layer to this evil. With the machines we created the possibility to steal resources from future generations and we created a stock market to ensure that no matter if people as a whole decided it had gone too far, the rapid consumption of all our world would happen faster and faster until there's nothing left. Not dissimilar to the overworked employee who doesn't yet know their fate.

    Anyhow, I hope that what I had to share with you is helpful. I've seen it done to a number of colleagues and finally myself. I have just a few years on you, and it's taken that long for me to begin to even want to write a line of code. I didn't even turn on a computer with the exception of my phone and the raspberry pi I have setup to stream videos and play emulators in 2017. That drive to learn new technical things was completely dead. I was afraid it would never come back... and now, though it has, I imagine for some people it doesn't.

    All I can say is look out for yourself. Don't allow your employer to manipulate you, and if you feel like you've lost control, there's a book called "peopleware" (there's a pdf on the web archive) that will give you perspective.

  4. Replies
    1. Yep. Note: if you post spam, I see it and delete you immediately. I personally see and moderate every post on this website.


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