Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Computa Pranksta USB Mouse & Keyboard Device User Manual


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Computa Pranksta Mouse Jiggler now available on Amazon
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Also available now on Ebay! See my listing, as Ebay seller "electricrcaircraftguy", here.
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Computa Pranksta User Manual
For Device Version: v0.90.0 or later
By Gabriel Staples
Written: 12 Apr. 2017
Last Updated: 9 Feb. 2019
Update History (newest on TOP):
-20190209 - added 2nd YouTube video: Reconfiguring the Computa Pranksta for use as a USB Mouse Jiggler to keep your screensaver off
-20180505 - added "Quick Reference 'Cheat Sheet'" picture
-20180324 - added link to my listing on Ebay too
-20171228 - added list of associated keywords to end
-20170717 - added YouTube video: "How to Use & Configure..."
-20170423 - bug section updated w/some info about Caps Lock Response Mode 10
-20170422 - now available for sale on Amazon! Purchase links added.
-20170421 - added images
-20170416 - added bug notes; minor additions
-20170412 - initial version

Quick Reference "Cheat Sheet"
Congratulations on your purchase of the Computa Pranksta USB Mouse and Keyboard device. Don't have one yet? Click the link above to purchase it on Amazon. This device is great for playing tricks on your friends, or just for keeping your computer awake when giving presentations, watching movies, playing certain video games (like Real Flight RC simulator) or when you don't have admin rights to change screensaver and screen lock settings.

This devices does NOT require any software or special drivers on your PC. It simply tells the computer it is a standard Human Interface Device mouse and keyboard. If your computer tries to detect a new device and install a driver, don't worry about it--even if it says it "fails." The device will work anyway.

Video 1/2: How to Use & Configure the Computa Pranksta USB Keyboard & Mouse Prank Device

Video 2/2: Reconfiguring the Computa Pranksta for use as a USB Mouse Jiggler to keep your screensaver off:

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