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Propeller Static & Dynamic Thrust Calculation - Part 2 of 2 - How Did I Come Up With This Equation?

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By Gabriel Staples Written: 12 April 2014
Last Updated: 1 June 2015
-added Figure #s - 1 June 2015
-made some minor additions & formatting changes, incl. adding more info. about future work & possibly considering some blade element theory techniques - 13 Apr. 2014
-minor units correction - 16 Apr. 2014
-minor addition to section describing prop helical twist - 29 Apr. 2014
-additions & corrections to the bold portions of the "Application & Conjecturing" section - 4 May 2014

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Since posting my initial "Propeller Static & Dynamic Thrust Calculation" post, I have had many questions about where this equation comes from, and several requests to explain more.  I have even had college students ask me about the equation.  Additionally, this is my most popular post at the moment and is getting over 700 views per month, with the bulk of those hits being from Google Search results about propeller thrust.  So, I think it's time I explain more about the background of the equation.  Here goes.

First off, here's the nomenclature I will use:

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Aim High

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Aim high!  Shoot for the stars and you’ll land on the moon; shoot for the moon and you’ll land on the roof; shoot for the roof and you’ll land in the dumpster. Aim high!

I've heard quotes similar to this, and the other day (22 March 2014) I thought about this and wrote it on the top of a to-do list I had which pertains to Unmanned Aerial Systems-related projects I'm working on.  These are the types of things I try to remind myself regularly.  Aim high.

~Gabriel Staples

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