Thursday, January 30, 2014

eRCaGuy Store Just Opened

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By: Gabriel Staples
Written: 30 Jan. 2014

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I have just opened up a tiny web-shop in order to make a little extra money to support my work.  I intend on purchasing extra parts and pieces when I engage in Arduino or electronics-related products, so that I can sell them on my site.

Please support my work, research, blog, and contributions to the world of Radio Control and Arduino microcontroller programming by purchasing my products.

I am currently selling brand new Arduino-compatible Nano V3.0's, with breadboard, USB cable, and FREE shipping from and to the United States.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Power of Arduino

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...And how you can learn to use computer programming to control and customize the physical world around you, including your RC vehicles...

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By: Gabriel Staples
Written: 5 Jan. 2014
Last Updated:  15 Apr. 2017
History (newest on TOP):
-updated Amazon links & prices, added Elegoo products, and converted Amazon links to Amazon Affiliate links - 15 Apr. 2017
-added link to (incomplete, but functional) touch lamp code - 20 Oct. 2016
-added info on __attribute__ syntax - 25 Sept. 2015
-added more __attribute__((__packed__)) and #pragma pack(1) links to bottom - 4 Sept. 2015
-macro comment addition to Intermediate section - 20 June 2015
-added Expert links section - 9 May 2015
-links edited at bottom - 5 March 2015
-added another Advanced link - 24 Feb 2015
-added Vilros starter kit links to bottom - 7 Feb 2015
-added source code link for my RC car read PWM sketch - 2 Nov. 2014
-added a bunch of new links at bottom of article (mostly Intermediate) - 14 June 2014
-added details and corrections pertaining to microcontrollers being used in servos - 17 March 2014

Be sure to check out the links and resources at the end of this article, as they are EXTREMELY useful to anyone who uses Arduino microcontroller development boards!

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One Good Use of an Arduino: Use it as a Touch Lamp controller [source code]:

So, you may be wondering why I haven't written an article in the last few months.  To be honest, writing a well-informed article, with plots, pictures, and sources takes vast amounts of time, and life gets busy.  However, I should also tell you that I have been heavily involved in Arduino microcontroller programming for the last several months, and I have spent countless hours learning about and programming Arduino.  I have now built up a variety of Arduino tools and resources that I use, including dozens of bits of test code, many projects and programs, and hundreds of files, links, and resources.  I have even written some code and functions which I have seen nowhere else, which I think are very valuable, and which I intend to periodically share here on my blog.  In other words, I think I have some useful things to contribute to the vast world of Arduino, some of which will help bridge the world between Radio Control, robotics, and Arduino microcontroller programming.  Though I am constantly learning, and constantly seeking help from resources and people who know much more than I, I would consider myself a very informed Arduino user with a sound, yet constantly growing, understanding of electricity, electrical engineering, programming, and computer science.

Why have I recently been doing Arduino programming instead of doing Radio Control stuff?

Learning Arduino is doing Radio Control stuff.  It turns out that the world of Radio Control is

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