Monday, November 21, 2016

MAX5481 10-bit Digital Potentiometer Arduino Code

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By Gabriel Staples
Written: 21 Nov 2016
Last Updated: 21 Nov 2016

Here is a sample code I wrote a couple years ago to command and control a MAX5481 digital potentiometer using SPI commands, including storing commands in the chip's on-board EEPROM (to save the last value written), or not.

In this example you have to type commands into the Arduino Serial Monitor to set the digital potentiometer. I then interpret your serial command you typed, then I send it to the MAX5481 via its defined serial SPI API.

The circuit and hookup is described in full in my comments at the top of my code. If you have any questions please post a comment below and I'll be sure to try and get back to you.


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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Eagle PCB CAD - How to copy a part from one schematic to another

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Gabriel Staples
8 Nov 2016

Learning EagleCAD? Here's how to copy a part from one schematic or board layout to another.
  1. Open up an Eagle Control Panel, and the board and schematic you are working on.
  2. Open up a *second* Eagle Control Panel, and the board and schematic you want to copy from.
  3. Use the group tool to make a selection of a part to copy.
  4. Click the copy tool, then ctrl + right click to copy the *grouped* selection to the clipboard. Press Esc now to not paste it anywhere in this project. 
    1. Note that you *must* use the group tool followed by ctrl + right click even if only copying a single object, since that's the only way to get it to your PC's clipboard.
  5. Go back to the schematic you'd like to paste into, and click the "paste" tool. Left-click anywhere to paste what's in the clipboard. 


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