Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Use Basic HTML Text Formatting for Google Blogger Comments (add bold, hyperlinks, & italics to blog comments)

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By Gabriel Staples
Written: 12 Feb. 2015
Last Updated: 10 Oct. 2017
History (newest on top):
-Added links to hostinger - 10 Oct. 2017 
-Misc. updates - 21 Oct. 2016
-Major overhaul of the table formatting - 25 April 2015
-Added "entities" and additional clarification - 14 Feb. 2015
-Added screenshot of HTML-formatted comments - 21 Oct. 2016 

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I've been wondering how to put hyperlinks in blog comments for quite some time now, so I finally did a little research to find out how!

Normally blog comments are plain text, but here's a sample screenshot of an HTML-formatted comment, just under this post, which I'm about to teach you how to do yourself.

Read on.

If you'd like to make your next comments at the bottom of an article a little more fancy, with hyperlinks, bold, or italics, for example, here's how!  Feel free to practice your new skills in the comments below this article too, as scratch space to test your syntax.

The following commands are accepted in Google Blogger comments:

HTML Commands ("tags"):

Command ("tag") Effect
<b>...</b> Bold text
<i>...</i> Italic text
<a href="URL">NAME</a> Creates a hyperlink named NAME, to website URL

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Q&A: Question About Over-discharged LiPo--How do I quantify the amount of damage done to the battery pack?

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By Gabriel Staples
Written: 7 Feb 2015
Last Updated: 7 Feb 2015

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High-current bench-top battery test setup by FliteTest (source: 4:08)

Question I Just Received:
-from "Lakshman

"Hi Gabriel.
I am referring to your post

I accidentally discharged my battery to 2.8v/cell today due to a faulty lipo alarm. It did not go off at 3.6V while flying my tricopter and within a minute or so, the voltage dropped to 2.8v/cell. I recharged it back to 3.8v storage at 0.2A without any issues. This was before I read that article.

How do I quantify the amount of damage done to the battery pack? I usually stop flying at or before ~80% discharge. Will it be a lousier battery after this incident?

Thank you."

Here's what I had to say...

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