Saturday, January 16, 2016

One of my current projects: Arduino police siren w/simple, custom transistor amplifier/speaker driver circuit


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By Gabriel Staples Written: 16 Jan 2016
Last Updated: 16 Jan 2016

A Few Other Articles:
So, a few days ago I got a car horn *and* a car audio speaker to play a siren sound!

In these two videos, I do a quick desktop demo of playing a siren sound through first a "fixed frequency" car horn, and then through a standard car audio speaker, rated at 120W peak, 60W RMS, and 4 Ohms. Using an Arduino, a relatively simple, custom transistor-based amplifier circuit, and the Arduino core tone() function in my code, I drive the horn and speaker to play a siren sound by sinusoidally varying the driving frequency.  I also show the signal to the devices on an oscilloscope, and briefly discuss and hook up a Schottky diode in a "snubber diode" configuration to knock down the inductance-induced voltage spikes created each time the square wave has a falling edge.

First, watch the "fixed frequency" type car horn play a varying-frequency siren sound:

Next, watch the car audio speaker get driven by the same Arduino, code, amplifier circuit, and 3S LiPo battery. It is *much* louder!


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