Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bonus Bomb Drop

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-Building a Bomb Drop can be *very* simple, fun, and cheap, but you'll need a few extra parts in your HobbyKing order.  Here's the Bomb Drop Video by Josh and Josh of Flite Test.  And here's a picture of it to the right.  What you will need to purchase is very simple:

1) Extra HXT900 Servo
2) Servo Extensions (to get the bomb drop servo wire to be long enough to reach the receiver)
3) Servo Wire Splitter (Y-harness).  Note:  If you have a 5 or more Channel Radio, all you need are items 1 and 2, but if you have only a 4 Channel Radio (like what comes with the Bixler V1.1), then you will also need this item.  In the case of using your bomb drop on a 4-channel radio, the splitter will be used to send the rudder signal to both your rudder servo, as well as your bomb drop servo.  That way, you activate your bomb drop by moving the rudder.  This is ok since you don't need to use the rudder much during flight anyway, but it's still available if you need it, once you drop your bomb.

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