Sunday, January 13, 2013

Buying Parts for the FliteTest NutBall Swappable - a little at a time - Stage #1

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I have a friend who wants to know which parts to purchase for the FliteTest Nutball (, as his very first plane.  He owns absolutely no RC vehicles or components whatsoever, so this truly is his "beginner plane setup."  Several months ago I started helping him build it.  However, due to budget constraints, he has never gone through with the build to finish it up.  So, I am going to split up the electronics/extra components he needs into several low-cost (~$30 each) "stages" in order to see if he can do it this way---a little at a time.  Let's see how this goes....

This is the $35 (-ish) Stage #1 (of approximately 4 total):  I'll try to put the parts roughly into a recommended purchase order, according to what is needed first to complete the plane.

What he already has:
  1. two $1 sheets of 20"x30" foamboard from the Dollar Tree.
  2. 1/8" plywood sheet (maybe 8"x10") from the Hobby Lobby balsa sheet rack in the back of the store ($1.79 last I checked I believe)
  3. $1 roll of cheapo clear packing tape from the Dollar Tree
  4. $1~$2 pack of 100 shish-ka-bob (bamboo) skewers from Walmart (in the BBQ section of the Garden Center) or wherever
  5. Jumbo popsickle (craft) sticks at Walmart - pack of like 100 for a couple bucks - to be used to make the 2 control horns
Ok: Stage #1 - buy this week
  1. "Music Wire" (0.047 in. [1.19 mm] diam. From local hobbyshop) (sizes as small as 0.032 in. [0.81 mm] also work, but the 0.047 in. is better). Cost: $2.29 for a pack of 4 long (36" maybe) rods. - will be used for the two control rods.
  2. Scotch Strapping tape (has fiberglass strands running down it) from Walmart or wherever, ~$3
  3. HobbyKing order:
    1. motor:, $8
    2. HXT900 9g servos x 3 (1 for a spare), $2.70 each: 
    3. XT60 connectors x 1 pack, ~$3.50,
    4. Shipping: ~$6
  4. Stage 1 total:  ~$31.50

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