Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Goal of a Lifetime

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What are My Limits?

"It should be the end goal of any professional to reach such a high level of skill at what you do that you are no longer limited by your abilities; but rather, you are limited only by your imagination."
~Gabriel Staples, 25 Feb. 2014

"Reach your true potential."
~Gabriel Staples, 20 July 2020

I was inspired with this thought tonight while listening to this song (Fear Not This Night (ft. Asja)), followed by this song (David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia).  As the second song finished, I thought to myself, “did you hear any flaw in her voice?...are there any notes she cannot reach?...does she not have a perfect mastery of music?”  And then it hit me, musical artists at this level are not limited by their skillset, or the lack thereof; they are not limited by vocal control, or a sparse understanding of music, beat, rhythm, and notes.  Rather, singers like this are so skilled that they are limited, in what they will accomplish in their music, only by their imagination.  So it must be with engineers.  In the world of engineers, hobbyists, users and creators of electronics, RC pilots, systems and electronics integration experts and inventors, mathematicians, we must become so adept in our fields that the only limiting factor in what we can create in our areas of expertise is our imaginations.  Let us resolve to better learn our fields, and to make personal efforts to improve our skills on a daily basis, so that we can become doers and not just hearers in whatever we do.  "Be a Thinker, and Be a Doer," that is what drives me [1].

In regards to my professional interests, my goal is to become so skilled in Unmanned Aerial Systems, electronics, aviation, and computer programming, that nothing can hold me back from developing whatever I want to on the leading edge of technology, stretching the bounds of our world as we know it today.

By Gabriel Staples
25 Feb. 2014

[1] - "Be a thinker, and be a doer" is a quote from Destin, on his "Smarter Every Day" series on YouTube.
--photo is a picture of me in Egypt, by the Red Sea, in June 2009, on a trip to study Arabic.

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  1. 17 March 2014: added links & descriptions of other articles to check out
  2. 20 July 2020: added "Reach your true potential" quote.

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  1. Great post!!! I was nearly standing up and punching the air by the end of it.

    The biggest limit of all? Time.

    1. So true; and thanks for the super encouraging comment! Much appreciated.


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