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WowGo 2 Electric Skateboard

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Written: 30 Dec. 2017
Last Updated: 30 Dec. 2016

The WowGo Electric Skateboard is one of the greatest products I've ever had the privilege of owning. It's a thrill to ride, so much fun, and practical too! I've owned it now for 2 months and have probably already put close to 150 or 200 miles on it. When riding downhill at 22+mph, carving back and forth, I actually get the same sensation I feel when snowboarding--except in this case I can do it right outside my house in my local neighborhood, and all-year-round!

I recently moved to a big city and I have been using my WowGo electric skateboard for the last month to ride to and from the subway station to get to work each day. I also use it for city commuting down-town. The ride to the subway station is just over 3 miles but I can complete it in 9~15 minutes, depending on traffic lights.

Because of how great this board is, and how much potential it has, I've decided to start selling them on Amazon Prime, right here at this link actually--get it now--not many in stock at the moment!

Me selling the WowGo 2 electric skateboard on Amazon Prime gives you the advantage of:
  1. Trusted and well-known customer service directly from Amazon
  2. Additional, expert product support and advice from me
  3. Super-fast 2-day shipping (eventually, once I get enough in stock to actually be distributed at many of Amazon's different warehouses all across the nation)
This is great for the WowGo company run by Jason and Aiden in mainland China because it means they sell more boards by reaching a market which wants the Amazon benefits listed above (especially the 2-day shipping part), *and* they get additional expert help and support to their customers.

What else is coming? I have tons of killer plans for this board! I'm not just "another man in the middle." Rather, I'm an innovator and an embedded programmer. As I get established in my new home and get my workshop set back up I intend to slowly-but-surely work on new and innovative, expert and custom embedded features to add to the board such as:
  1. Bluetooth
    1. Bluetooth to phone interface
    2. Bluetooth to PC interface
  2. data logging
  3. speedometer
  4. odometer (measures distance), with multiple resettable trip meters, like in a car
  5. power, current, and voltage meter
  6. Coulomb counter (allows really accurate battery indicator and State of Charge [SoC] readings, including the potential to write battery health and wear-and-tear determination algorithms)
  7. 2nd battery support--would allow you to plug in an addition battery you can strap on the top center of the board to double the range
I've already spent hours testing and messing with the board, and look forward to implementing the above features. I'm sure they'll be very hacky at first, but eventually I'd like to refine them and sell customization kits and PCBs and/or work with the manufacturer directly to implement these features. The best part is I plan on doing the embedded work, programming, and PCB board design myself. Not only is this a super fun thing for me to do, but it's super useful, and a valuable learning experience too!

And what's more? With dual in-hub motors and a 36V 4.4Ah 10S2P Li-Ion battery, the board is more-than-powerful enough to pull my kids around in a wagon! That makes for great father-daughters bonding time. The other weekend I took them on a ~5 mile ride around to different parks to play, including pulling them on some off-road dirt trails and up some pretty long and fairly steep hills. Our total vertical climb was 274 ft. This is not a cheapo board--not just a kids' toy--this is the real deal, a truly functional, powerful yet economical board with room for growth and the ability to act as a regular commuter board to and from work on a daily basis. Not only that, but all spare parts can be purchased separately and economically and replaced by the user to keep it running for years to come. What a board!

WowGo 2 Electric Skateboard Commuter Special Specs & Instructions


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